About - Tommy Joyce

Tommy Joyce

Shortly after picking up his first camera in college, Tommy convinced an outdoor startup to give him a job, and he spent the subsequent five years mastering media from every angle—learning to use different cameras, coordinating international film trips, creating ad campaigns, and more. After cashing out of the startup and making a foray into the cannabis industry, it became clear that the camera was the answer.

Tommy focused on building his own production company, studying the art and science of cinematography, and working his way into the outdoor industry. Over the past decade, he’s mastered camera gear and editing programs, crashed drones and cracked lenses in an endless pursuit of the perfect shot, the perfect edit, the perfect story.

A dedicated athlete, a driven entrepreneur, and a serial optimist, Tommy possesses not only the physical endurance but also the positive mindset needed to create art in extreme environments. He constantly strives to refine his cinematic eye, working with unexpected angles and ground-breaking techniques to make the simplest moments—the flutter of a dress, the turn of a page, a snowflake falling onto an outstretched glove—come to life with his lens.

Tommy in the Field

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